Experiences using SIDERmax®

What inside users - our customers - reported.

For years, users have reported their experience using the product. These reports were collected and analyzed in order to make statements about the results with the application.


Shown is the minimum, average and maximum increase in breast, depending on the duration of use in weeks. Measured here was the chest (left). The volume of the increase (right scale) can be calculated only approximately. On average, the volume to increase by about a third, which is approximately at least one bra cup size.

User Reports

Each product contains a User Report, helping user´s to document and control their successes. Some users made their reports available for evaluation to natureline cosmetics analysts. The graph shows the results.

You can look at the analysis of these User Reports as a kind of cross-sectional view of the statements of the clients. Sounds complicated, right? But's interesting, I promise. More?

    • View the collected data part 1 and part 2, which were used for evaluation. The table is split in two parts.
    • Then a help for evaluation - the Legend.
    • And this is the User Report form used today.
    • Here is the original User Report No.17, copied. It is marked in part 1 of the data particularly.


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