SIDERmax & the Anatomy of a Female Breast

SIDERmax is a natural, holistic method, to influence the size and firmness of the female breast. There are five different types of breast tissue to be stimulated, maintained, promoted - and that brings lasting success.

the female breast with Lympf and blood vesselsThe anatomy of the chest determines the direction of massage: from bottom to top at the sides, from the center outward in the direction of the bloodstream and the lymphatics.

The breast of the woman consists primarily of glandular tissue, skin & connective tissue and fat tissue. The big chest muscle bears the breasts. The glandular tissue forms it entirety, the mammary gland, which is the largest gland in the body skin. It develops during puberty under the influence of estrogen and progesterone. It is only really active during pregnancy and thereafter.

Strands and shawls of cellular connective tissue hold the breast in place. It's attached to the pectoral muscle below it. The size of the breast is determined largely by the mammary gland and adipose tissue.

Young women breast is kept in shape by the connective tissue. With increasing age, the tissue loses its elasticity and the breast tend to flap.

The method SIDERmax takes care of the female breast types of tissue. It improves supply with nutrients, supports disposal of waste products of the cellular systems (the secretions of cells).

Cross-section of the female breastfht female breast - schematically

a) Connective tissue is bearing the bosom like a natural bra;
    it is connected to the upper breast muscle edge,
    it will be strengthened

b) Big breast muscle – bosom is located on it’s top; it can be
    trained to carry and hold bosom

c) Glandular tissue – when pregnant, mother’s milk will be
    produced there; the massage stimulates this portion.

d) Bands of connective tissue – they pass through the breast,
    giving additional support; tissue will be strengthened

e) Fat tissue – with additional nourishment it expands between
    cells of glandular and connective tissue giving the bosom

   a taught but elastic shape.

When stopping the application results will remain. One can stop for several weeks and start over again at user's own discretion. Only special circumstances may diminish the successes (see also disadvantages).

SIDERmax features:
Pure natural and without negative side effects.

The different kind of fibres are perfectly well serviced,
that means – enhanced nourishment, increased strength!
Enhanced disposal of cell’s waste products!
Milk gland passage tissue is stimulated.


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