Gymnastic Exercises

Gymnastics? Not everyone likes it. These exercises are a "voluntary contribution" of the user for her body in addition to SIDERmax. It improves posture and increase the "personal power" of  the user. A leaflet Gymnastic Exercises is enclosed to every SIDERmax product.

Gymnastics directly train the muscle tissue, the towels and the strands of connective tissue associated with the female breast. They are more targeted and stressed and this increases their very slow metabolism. The nutrition and renewal of these cell systems are improved. The exercises are basically a "voluntary contribution" to the user’s body. Increased breathing and heart rate result in body's improved supply with oxygen. Processing of the additional nutrients in the body cells of the breast are enhanced. Just try it - it will help!

So our recommendation: start the SIDERmax application with gymnastic exercises. Additional, you can perform these exercises during your daily routine if convenient. Besides the effect on the development of your breasts, they are relaxing, invigorating - more energy for your day. Perform the exercise several times, but without exertion. Keep your eyes open, that makes it easier for you to maintain balance. Breathe quietly on and off during the exercises.

Arme gestr oben seite

Arme gestr nach vorne


Hands press

The palms are together and push each other. Place both arms stretched as far as it will in front, than moving slowly over your head and gently back down to the front of the body again. Leave the pressure of the hands against each other. The arms move upward downward again, several times.

Head RestKopfstuetze li

With hands clasped behind his head spread the elbows wide apart - as far as possible. The chest is pushed forward and the back bent backwards. In a relaxed neutral position swing the left elbow then forward, the right to the back. Slowly rotate from one side to another, always as far as possible. Backward/front stay short/press, against the resistance.

Brustexp hinten

Chest expanderBrustexp vorne

Fold your hands behind your back. Let your head move slowly backward and bend your body back, slowly without straining. Attention! Do not close your eyes! As compensation for your footing the pelvis slowly moves forward. The hands pull each other and the arms move together as far as possible toward the head. Bend your head slowly raise torso and arms forward and upward as far as possible. Stay as a few seconds and set up slowly again.



WandstuetzeWall bracketWandstuetze2

You are one step away with his face to the wall. Place both hands - fingers facing inward - at shoulder height on the wall. Let your weight sink slowly forward and support your body with the hands on the wall. Now press your body slowly away from the wall until you free again in equilibrium. Repeat this exercise several times as you wish.

Arme gestr nach vorneDry swimmingArme gestr oben seite

Remember swimming breaststroke! Raise both arms straight and high over his head, palms touching their inside. Now, the stretched arms move outward to shoulder height, palms turning outward. Arms at the elbow now turn inwards, the palms touching each other again inside. The upper arms with bent arms folded against the body, the hands are at breast level with the inner palms toward each other and they move up over the head. If the movement is performed, it is similar to a swimming motion.


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