Compare Methods

There are few known methods to enlarge and form female breasts. It’s a significant decision for a woman to influence her own body. Compare carefully the different methods and decide what to do. The best we can suggest: Use SIDERmax!







Users own influence

At any time possible

Sometimes possible

Only once
when deciding


Start at
180 US$

Start at
1.000 US$ (p.a.)

Start at
6.000 US$

Side effect


medium - caused
by hormones; mostly progesterone

Heavily – a surgical operation with all risks, scars and negative long time effects

Break and start over again

Possible anytime

Possible at any time

No, only by de-planted with additional operation

Gained increase

Is kept

Decreases after stopping

is kept, but the shape may
change; often deplantation
  is necessary!

side effects


Often a disturbed hormone household

Heavy on longtime run;
Implants may be removed or re-implanted

Then there are vials, miracle juices with drugs, mechanical devices such as suction cups for the breasts, vibrators and the like. They advertise "money back guarantee" and show beautiful images, significant discounts and statements of "experts" in white coats like doctors. All they want is the money of naive customers with lots of confidence. Their "products" are very often without any real success.

Using SIDERmax to shape the breast has significant features. Start and stop applying as convenient keeping results and gaining more if one likes. It’s a reasonable application and purely natural.

But the application sometimes may be felt less comfortable because the user has to invest a lot of time and effort for good results. This of course is not always possible because users own changing health conditions as well as family and business hassles may decrease in application. Anyhow, breaks may delay success but one can continue again using the application and gaining additional success.




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