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That's what our customers report!

Some hundreds of User Reports* have been filed by our customers and reviewed at natureline during the past. One question in the report is: “Are you satisfied using the product? (meaning the effects and results, the application itself, scent, over all judgment etc.)”. Here are some answers, the voices of users!


  • I am very satisfied. Success came slowly but surely; use is simple, fragrance pleasant. My husband is pleased. 1-2/90N
  • I am proud and very pleased, therefore I ordered another can. You can continue with your advertising in good faith. 7-6/90W
  • I am very satisfied with this application. Although my breasts are not yet much bigger, they have become a lot tighter. After two pregnancies I had unpleasantly floppy breasts. 3-4/90H
  • Yes, i am glad i discovered your advert. I am entirely satisfied and want to reorder immediately. C-1/91K
  • The success deserves attention. I never thought it possible, that a biologically based application could have such results. The application does not give problems and has no negative side effects. X-7/89M
  • I am very satisfied. Unfortunately the 250 ml pack lasted only for 10 weeks. It is simple to use with good success, the breasts change to a nice round shape. I have become more self confident. 4-4/90H
  • Yes, I am satisfied. Since I had nearly no bosom before child birth and after 5 month breastfeeding the breasts became floppy - after 10 weeks a gain of 2 cm volume is a lot. My breasts became tighter. I find it fantastic that it is possible to have success with such a natural method. 2-4/90P
  • Very satisfied. Scent pleasant – result good even on a maidenly small bosom. On top also an over all pleasing effect, surrounding skin became softer and smoother. I can only recommend the remedy, advertising is adequate to reality. 9-2/90G
  • The effect is amazing. Though at age of 48 and even with stopping of treatment. The application is very simple, I am very satisfied. For me the most important is that the breasts are not floppy any more. I had very floppy breasts and did not really believe that the method would be successful, I was quite astonished for, even at my age one would like to look attractive. 18-9/89V
  • Effect comes slowly, but steady. Application pleasant and simple. Scent pleasant. 14-10/89R


 Each quoted User Report  is marked with a key for easier locating the original report at naturelines archive. These documents originally are written in German language - we translated the formular entries.

*  The User Report form is part of the product and may assist the customer to document success when applying SIDERmax. Some women friendly informed natureline by copy of their report, thus enabling natureline to do some statistical research.

* Of course, we hat to translate the comments because the user´s answered in German language.



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